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Company profile Current location:Home page > About Mingtai > Company profile
Chinese brand: 铭泰医疗; Export brand: MINGTAIMED
Brand interpretation: “MINGTAI-Reputation is weightier than Mount Tai”
Company slogan: All are for people’s health- Mao Zedong
Company poster: With technology casting Mingtai quality, with reputation casting Mingtai brand
Company Mission: All start from customer’s requirement
Company Service: Product reliability, caring service
Company positioning: Mingtai is engaged in the development, manufacture and sales reliable, safety technology products

Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd is established in 2000 year, supporting operating room and ICU medical equipment. Since company established, continue to develop, keep making progress, let people enjoy the health future with better quality and service. Mingtai products get ISO13485, ISO9001, CE & SFDA certification. Mingtai company have many patents. Mingtai brand series operating light, operating table, medical pendant, hospital bed and air disinfection equipment meet different distributor and customer’s different requirement.

Responsibility: Focus on social responsibility, be responsible for customer, staff. Responsibility is our belief
Innovation: continue to innovation, keep company’s exuberant vitality. Innovation is our soul
Win-win situation: develop, progress and enjoy the develop results together with partner. Win-win situation is our character.

Company’s development history is the process of management team and philosophy groping and complete. There are 3 stages:
First stage: creation and exploration (2000 ~ 2005 year)
Second stage: independent research and development, the domestic leading (2005 ~ 2009 year)
Third stage: the diversification of professional fields (2009 - present)

In 2012 year, Shandong mingtai medical equipment group co., ltd got support from UK WINDER WILSON medicine holding company. Establishing perfect sales and service network in many countries and regions and the Chinese market, with scientific and professional service system quickly and timely to meet the diverse needs of customers, become their most valuable partners. In more than 50 countries and regions all over the world, there are more than 9000 medical institutions bring health to public by mingtai medical products.

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