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Memorabilia Current location:Home page > About Mingtai > Memorabilia

The first stage: Founded and exploration (profound knowledge) (The year of 2000-2005)

2000-----MINGTAI founded. Produce the full set ward nursing equipments (trolleys, beds, tables, stretchers, cabinets and the other more than 300 varieties)
2002-----Expanded the company workshop, increase production area and staffs. (Produce surgical shadowless lamp and operating table)
2005-----Win and got the Chinese Ministry of Health foreign aid projects, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture projects and the International Red Cross assistance projects.
The second stage: Stable development, reserve strength (The year of 2006-2009)

2006-----Independent produce medical pendant and bridge products, and got agent of Germany ONDAL imported series.
2006-----In China took the lead through ISO9001, ISO13485 quality system certification.
2006-----Full range products through the EU CE certification. Start international trade.
2008-----Develop HD surgical light camera system, design digital theater solutions.
2009-----Obtain a number of honorary certificates, rated as A-level enterprises for many years consecutive.
2009-----Product into each well-known hospital, such as: Beijing 301 Hospital, Tsinghua University Medicine Department, Peking University Health Science.
The third stage: Diversified professional field, the leading domestic (2009-present)

2010-----To increase the registered capital, expand production scale. Breakdown product areas of expertise, to meet the needs of hospital departments
2012-----Got British WINDER company's technical support, bilateral cooperation and win-win.
2013-----Got British NQA the European Union CE certification, but also the British Sungo European CE certification. Won the double CE certification.
2014-----Got Chinese famous brand name (product quality and technical supervision by the China Center, China Council for the Promotion of international brand development and brand strategy to promote high-quality national federation jointly issued)
2014-----Got the US FCC certification, SGS certification, France BV certification, the China Trade Promotion Committee (Chinese official) recommended certificate.
2014-----Mingtai declared newly 36 patents, and striving for one hundred patents honor.
2015-----Founded Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd., group operation, in preparation for appear on the market.
2016-----Mingtai Vincente series brand product listing, get 14001, Rosh certification.
The fourth stage: Future prospects, high-speed development, occupied the commanding heights of the market.
So far, Mingtai Group sales worldwide has been extended to more than 76 countries and regions, products throughout the worldwide medical institutions. In China, more than 10 major cities with direct offices. Future, Mingtai Group will continue to expand product diversification, expanding market coverage, a more powerful distribution and service network, developing into an international first-class medical device manufacturers.

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