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Welcome to Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd official website.

You will get Mingtai establish, development history and our vision.

Mingtai has the most comprehensive product line in Chinese related product industry. We committed to supporting safety and effective products to medical institutions. From our website, you can not only get all our products information, but also I hope you can know our R&D, process flow, sincerity and hardworking we do for product safety and technology innovation, enhancing your confidence and feeling about Chinese medical equipment.

Looking to the future, Mingtai will be based on the primary industry, "To create a better medical environment tomorrow" as our mission, rapidly increasing operating room safety standard. And we will gradually into overseas markets, looking for more and broader business opportunities. At the same time, along with the enterprise continuous development, we also will gradually enter the new and high technology industries.  Welcome to join us through our website, or for business cooperation with us.

Health everyone, welcome to open a wonderful online tour.

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