Mobile C-arm machine

MTXRM116A1/B1 High Frequency Mobile C-arm System

TIME:22-02-2021    HITS:

MTXRM116A1/B1 High Frequency Mobile C-arm System(图1)
1. Fully digital megapixel imaging system with high definition: High-quality megapixel image enhancer for high-resolution image acquisition.
2. Smart and compact design: Five mechanical movements, free rotation without dead ends; Wide base design, more secure; The integrated design of the whole machine is compact and beautiful; Rack monitor≥300° rotation for free viewing in multiple directions.
3. Integrated computer workstation & rack: C-arm host and workstation integrated design, no cable, easy to move; Small footprint, saving space; Integrated workstation with rich image processing capabilities; "Independent Operation" to complete the movement and exposure of the C-arm.
4. Hand controller: Humanized miniature, mobile operator panel design, free control from the host.
5. Human graphic operation interface: Human graphic LCD touch screen design, make it easy to operate; Intelligent parameter adjustment, more accurate.