Mobile C-arm machine

MTXRM7100A HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detect

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MTXRM7100A HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detect(图1)
C-arm widely vertical movement range meets various height demand of operation table.
Longer orbit sliding range brings you more visible area.
C-arm back and forward movement can make non-central parts be covered easier.
SID can be adjusted by detector movement to expand exposure area, bring you outstanding image and more operation space.
Simultaneous movement in 5 axes
Rapid motorized control, meet accurate position demands
Hand controller on C-arm stand: control the mechanical and collimator movement, improve your workflow even you are away from the unit.
Hand-held and panel dual-control system, control mechanical movement from long distance or at your hand all the time.
Multi-functional foot switch for hand free direction access to fluoroscopy and radiography, convenient for close table and compartment operation.