Mobile C-arm machine

MTXRM112/ MTXRM112B1 (High Frequency Mobile C-arm System)

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MTXRM112/ MTXRM112B1 (High Frequency Mobile C-arm System)(图1)
1. High frequency high voltage x-ray generator and high precision digital pulse control technology ensure excellent image with low skin dose.
2. Digital radiography function, no more film-screen system, simplify the operate process.
3. Maximum optimize the image brightness and definition depend on the kV/mA auto trace function.
4. Electric controlled rotated beam limiting device can satisfy multi-angle and multi-directional anatomical display requirements.
5. Equipped with workstation to realize the functions include registration, image collection, processing, issue the report and so on, Dicom interface to connect the hospital imaging network.
6. Divertible main wheel together with direction wheels make movement more flexible.
7. Electric support arm make the movement of machine more stable during moving.