Mobile C-arm machine

MTXRM118F (Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System)

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MTXRM118F (Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System)(图1)
1. Human graphic LCD touch-screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes convenient operation.
2. Hand controller on C-arm stand controls the mechanical and collimator movement, improves your work flow even you are away from the unit.
3. RCDP - rapid calculate display platform. GPU-based dynamic real-time image processing technology makes it easy to get sharp image of various body parts.
4. Seamless connection with cloud PACS system for information sharing and remote diagnosing.
5. Remote maintenance.
6. Self- diagnosis with error-code displaying.
7. Digital pulse mode to ensure lower dose and sharper image.
8. Intelligent variable-frequency pulse technology ensures high quality X-ray at efficient dose.