Mobile G-arm machine

HIWISE-B9 G-arm X-ray system

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HIWISE-B9 G-arm X-ray system(图1)
CMOS detector: 4 million/9 million pixel high-definition imaging, lower radiation dose
Rotating anode: large heat capacity, high pulse power, small motion artifacts
High-power pulsed ray source
Large range of sliding angle along the track
Integrated brake and steering control system
Advanced 3D HD imaging technology
Convenient touch control screen
Performance advantage:
1. HD video
Full digital dynamic flat panel detector
2. More convenient
AI artificial intelligence algorithm, lowest radiation dose, wide range of rotation angle
3. No shadows
High-power pulsed ray source with small motion artifacts
4. Full touch screen
One-key boot operation, convenient touch control screen, automatic image saving
5. Stability
Front-mounted electric brake system, reset lock function