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LED720/520 fashion model medical light

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LED720/520 fashion model medical light(图1)

Fashion model and petal model series surgical light use advanced technology, with unique performance and advantages, which can meet the various surgical lighting

Unique lighting depth adjustable technology. Superficial tissue may obscure part of the illumination light when deep surgery, thus forming partial shade in the surgical field, fashion model series set to deep illumination mode, the system automatically turns off the invalid LED light source and selectively automatic enhance effective LED light brightness to repair shadow

Long life light source. The lifetime of LED light source is 40 times than ordinary halogen bulb, reaching 60,000 hours, and each LED bulb can be changed separately

Perfect cold light effect. LED don’t engender infrared ray, temperature rising in doctor’s head is less than 0.5 degree Celsius, and low temperature rising in the surgical field can prevent body fluid’s losing during the operation

Fashion model and petal model series shadowless lamp appearance is open type design, which meet the aerodynamic principles, and it also can reduce the light head area which will block the purify air flow, so as to minimize the light air turbulence which will affect the purification effect

Optional adjustable color temperature technology. Fashion model series (adjustable color temperature) surgery light consists of four different colors LED bulb, by adjusting the brightness of different colors, you can adjust the color temperature between 3000-6000K to meet the doctor habits. The color temperature also can be adjusted according to the blood support quantity to distinguish different tissues


LED720/520 fashion model medical light(图2)