Petal type lamp

LED760/560 petal model surgery Shadowless Light

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LED760/560 petal model surgery Shadowless Light(图1)

The light is visible light, no infrared and ultraviolet, less heat. Less temperature rising in the surgical field, average irradiance is 3.8mw/m2, advanced level in the world. The whole shadowless operation light’s energy consumption can reduce more than 30%. 4300 color temperature can engender white light which is closed to sun light, it is suitable for visual inspection. The CRI is more than 90, can reflect the object’s color truly. Sustainable development with high performance and efficiency. Lowest harmful substance. Mingtai LED 90% is made by aluminum, this material can be used for many times, don’t need too much material. Succinct package can reduce the material’s quantity and the rubbish, and also can reduce the carbon emission during the transportation. LED light has 40 times long life than halogen bulb, needn’t change the bulb within 15 years, save the resource. Curve and smooth surface can prevent the dust, and reduce the cleanser’s using and loss


LED760/560 petal model surgery Shadowless Light(图2)