camera surgery lamp

LED720/720 fashion model internal camera + display OR light

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LED720/720 fashion model internal camera + display OR light(图1)

The handle on the central of lamp can be detachable, can take high temperature (≤ 134°C) sterilization treatment, easily adjust, flexible fixed; Control panel is in the C-arm joint, has luminance prompt function, provide environment lighting models (endoscope model)


Balance arm use good quality Mingtai arm, using Germany commutator, Germany Ondal arm is optional, more than 5 group universal joints, every cantilever must have more than 3 joints which can be rotated in 360°, equipped with fatigue correcting unit and fix position hand handle device, easy to fix position after long time using


Use Satlite oval swing pipe design, can install 4 arms in complex operating room, also can be reserved per hospital’s request, convenient to upgrade and provide perfect solution for the increasing multi-media request of hospital