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LED3700 operating light

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LED3700 operating light(图1)
1. Each LED bulb is equipped with independent heat sink, LED lamp cup heat sink ≥ 33mm.
2. LED lamp cup diameter ≥ 35mm.
3. LED light source, single dome diameter ≥30cm; lamp illumination ≥50,000 Lux.
4. Color temperature: 4300°K (best color temperature for surgery).
5. Adjustable levels of illumination: stepless dimming, adjustment range 10%-100%.
6. Illumination depth≥50cm.
7. Spot size range: ≤100mm.
8. Temperature rise in surgeon’s head ≤0.5℃.
9. Temperature rise in surgery field ≤2℃.
10. Use warm white LED bulb imported from Germany, bulb life ≥ 50000 hours.
11. Lamp head diameter ≥ 30CM, using dual CPU control. 21 independent LED light sources (lamp cup, one main and three sub-structures), divided into multiple independent light source groups, each group of LED light sources has special circuit chip control, any group failure will not affect the normal use of the shadowless lamp.
12. It adopts military square box load-bearing base, built-in power supply, and the design of the vertical pole can be quickly plugged in and out. Each link pole has a built-in three-ring conductive interface, which can realize rapid assembly.
13. The lampshade shell adopts streamlined ultra-thin design, and the thickest part does not exceed 10CM.
14. Principle of reflection: The reflector is made of imported aluminum profile with multi-point reflection. Electrode oxidation technology is used to provide a near-natural light source for surgery. The lens is not used as a reflection device, and the aging phenomenon of the lens is solved.
15. Our company has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate.
16. Standard configuration
Base * 1 set
Pole * 1 set
Balance arm * 1 set
Lamp head * 1 set
Insurance tube * 2
Simple maintenance tool * 1 set
Certificate technical information * 1 set