Gynecology surgery table

MT1800D intelligent model LDR electric operating table

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MT1800D intelligent model LDR electric operating table(图1)

The bed is the company with the new members of childbirth bed series, is a set of delivery, delivery, delivery, recuperation and gynecological surgery, department of gynaecology, diagnosis in an international company delivery new ideas under the guidance of intellectualization beds, simple operation, flexible transfer light, central braking and steering systems is the stability of the bed is better, touch keys are placed in the operation of clear on both sides of the fence, nursing staff and patients are easy to operation. Hidden barrier can make the bed body more easily through the narrow corridor, and achieve zero clearance to rescue truck, etc. Induction night light lighting bed area and the ground. Uninterruptible power system used in emergencies. Ultra low starting position to try to walk mother to provide a stable support, a variety of delivery position (horizontal, sedentary, lateral horizontal, half squat), to adapt to the different types of delivery. Without moving to hide a foot frame, can be adjusted automatically, reduce nursing intensity. Mobile leg panels are nursing staff has a larger operation space. With functions of CPT cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) (back falling fast) polyurethane possessed a comfortable, soft, anticorrosive, deodorization, easy to clean, soft and comfortable mattress, and the color is optional.


MT1800D intelligent model LDR electric operating table(图2)