Gynecology surgery table

MT1800 baby friendly model birthing table

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MT1800 baby friendly model birthing table(图1)

All follow the principle of ergonomic design, the whole device adopts low-voltage dc motor drive, the safe and stable performance, the electric motor drive system: adopt domestic high-quality brand motor, through the CE certification, make the machine to achieve low noise, high safety and reliability

This series operation table's whole body up and down, front and rear's slants, back side up and down, seat board's up and down adopts imported electric hydraulic pressure transimission method. handled by hand press control, it is very convenient and flexible.

The lathe bed is made of high-quality stainless-steel enclosures, surface polishing treatment, shock, prevent scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistant to disinfection, easy to clean. Fully meet the bed table disinfection after the operation.



MT1800 baby friendly model birthing table(图2)