Gynecology surgery table

MT1800 intelligent model gynecologist table

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MT1800 intelligent model gynecologist table(图1)

MT1800 (Intelligent Model) Gynecology Obstetric Operating table is the newest multi-function products which is made according to the market’s requirement, absorbing foreign advanced technology, it can be used for delivery, gynecological operation, diagnose, examination, also include urgency cesarean. It is one of the most advanced versatile middle in China and abroad.

Use imported motor(electric push rod),mini touch control handling, the function up and down, back side angle and front and rear slanting angle all use motor, press the switch lightly, it can adjust every part steady

The whole performance is very reliable, durable, this series product's mattress mould is integrally formed, no gap, antibiosis, easy clean.

All of the outer cover and accessories are high quality 304 stainless steel imported from Korea(To ensure not rust within 15 years), beautiful, easy clean and preserve


MT1800 intelligent model gynecologist table(图2)