Gynecology Exam table

Multifunction gynecological operating table ST9

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Multifunction gynecological operating table ST9(图1)
1. This type of examination bed is a multi-functional examination bed, suitable for all kinds of examination including gynecological examination, beautiful and generous shape, practical function and easy operation.
2. The back lift is gas spring operated with a paper spool behind the back plate.
3. An additional strap for holding the inspection paper in place is provided in the seat area, so that the seat can be increased to have an uplift function (optional) upon request.
4. The legs, stirrups and basin are hidden to save space.
5. The patient can get up and down with the help of a footstool, which is concealed, at the front of the exam bed.
6. The examination bed is equipped with a large capacity drawer that can be used to hold examination instruments, documents, etc., the drawer panel can be decorated in different colors to match the color of the examination room, and the rear drawer has a two-way axis pull function (from the left or right side of the bed), with a drawer heating function (optional) to facilitate the insulation and heating of gynecological instruments.
7. The mattress is seamlessly wrapped for easy cleaning, and its detachable design also allows for changing between mattresses of different colours and for deeper cleaning.