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Stirrup-shaped aerodynamic assist leg frame

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Stirrup-shaped aerodynamic assist leg frame(图1)
The stirrup-shaped aerodynamic assistive leg frame is the gold standard for setting the stone cutting position, and it is easy to complete the adjustment of the angle and outreach / adduction angle of the patient lower limb without destroying the sterile area. The boots are lengthened on one side protecting patient's fibular head and the common peroneal nerve, and preventing the patient's hip external rotation when leg rise. Leg frame provide convenient and safe position adjustment, and can effectively improve the surgical approach.



• Boots floating design: when the leg movement, the boots can be adjusted to adjust the patient's knee flexion, preventing knee injury


• Help to improve the technology: to improve the effectiveness, patient's leg position set no longer effort, easy


• Boot pads: fully wrapped in the patient's foot, ankle and part of the calf, to achieve comfortable and stable position


• Pinch handle: Pinch the handle, release the handle then leg position stable. Control handle can be directly manipulated during surgery, does not affect the sterile area.

• Shaped stone position angle and lower extremity extension distance indication: with scale indication for legs precise position setting