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Advanced head positioning system

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Advanced head positioning system(图1)
Advanced head positioning system, functional modular design, making it suitable for all types spinal surgery. Using unique design fast interface, extremely easy to connect head care, head board, skull clip. C-Flex joint arm great range of activity and flexibility, is an ideal surgical brace for thoracolumbar kyphosis, anterior artificial intervertebral disc replacement, patient lateral position head positioning.



• Can easily achieve cervical flexion / extension


• Surgical positioning of lumbar spine surgery


• Vertical activity to accommodate patients with thoracolumbar kyphosis


• Lateral position surgery is available


• Can be connected to DORO, Mayfield conventional head nails and carbon fiber heads


• Includes visual folding mirror, which is very easy to observe the patient's face condition


• Intubation access is convenient


• Can be used in Allen Advanced Spine Bed System, Allen Spinal Post System, Jackson Bed


• Maximum patient load: 227 kg