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Spinal surgery position system

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Spinal surgery position system(图1)
Spinal surgery position system can achieve the expansion of the general operating table function, to achieve a variety of spinal surgery position adjustment that the general operating table does not have, to carry out routine or even complex spine surgery, so that the general operating table "role" conversion to complete the professional spine operating bed.



• Preoperative / intraoperative flexion: Adjusting the patient`s curvature by adjusting the operating table,


• Full carbon bed: provides excellent C-Arm or O-Arm accessible workspace


• Space saving: Easy to install, including accessories, takes up only 0.5m2


• Optimized bed sores prevention: excellent anatomical design Chest, hip and head support brace, providing comfortable cushion to protect the patient's skin


• Multi-position use: prone position, lateral position and supine position are applicable


• Maximum patient load: 227 kg