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Advanced Spinal Operating Table System

TIME:28-04-2020    HITS:

Advanced Spinal Operating Table System(图1)
Advanced spinal operating table system is currently the forefront and most comprehensive system of the spine operation platform design. Safe and reliable full mechanical electric drive mechanism, no hydraulic oil leakage hazards. In addition to the leading rollover technology, the system offers all the operational control needs for a variety of spinal operations. Various functions modular table board and accessories makes the patient more comfortable position, the surgeon obtaining the best surgical results.



• The new user interface helps users to visually understand the operating table, such as bedside roll, trim, lift, casters brake / unlock


• Innovative high-safety designed "H"-shaped bracket to ensure that the bed is always safe and stable, the patient will not fall due to overturned bed


• Electronic control of a key brake, fast and safe


• Large casters designed to facilitate the overall movement of the table, especially for long-distance patients


• Maximum patient load: 272 kg


• Carbon bed, 360 ° visible