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Surgical navigation system

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Surgical navigation system(图1)
Image fusion: can simultaneously automatic and manual fusion CT, CTA, MR-TI, MR-T2, MRA, fMRI, PET, brain magnetic diagram of any three or more image data. The microscope navigation function, real-time tracking the focus of the microscope to complete the under microscope navigation or domestic microscope navigation. The DTI fiber bundle data processed by the nuclear magnetic chamber can be fused with data sources such as CT / MR / PET and brain MRI.



1, Double trolley, double screen design.


2, With built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, power automatic alarm function, guarantee navigation system normal work more than 40 minutes when in a sudden power failure condition.


3, Positioning tracking: infrared optical tracking, with active and passive tracking technology.


4, Registration method: surface contour registration method, compatible with various positions.


5, With intraoperative shift remedy function to correct error caused by intraoperative patients and reference rack accidental relative movement, and have correction function.


6, The organization volume 3D perspective function, automatic perspective such as skin, bones, blood vessels and other organizational structure, and can be dynamic 3D display.


7, Advanced VR function: in the three-dimensional images automatically extract three-dimensional vascular images to help complete the hemangioma operation.