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Mingtai head frame (imported)

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Mingtai head frame (imported)(图1)
Mingtai company has been committed to research, development and innovation of high-quality, high-performance neurosurgical products. Mingthai brand head fixed system and brain traction system has become the gold standard for the industry. Mingtai head frame made of nickel-magnesium alloy, ensuring the head frame quality meanwhile reducing the weigh, it is the lightest products in the same product, wear, light and easy to install. The complete head frame consists of three parts: head clip, universal shaft and base.
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Technical features: The head clip has an exclusive patented technology, fixed with three screws fixed, three nails can show the pressure, and can be adjusted separately to ensure fixed stability; Skull nail  is perpendicular to the skull section to avoid skull nail detachment.
Mingtai head frame (imported)(图5)Mingtai head frame (imported)(图6)
Universal axis ball head joint using nano-technology, the joints are tight, you can rotate 360 °, complete a variety of fixed position with the head. At the same time can be configured planetary wheel connector for navigation surgery.
Mingtai head frame (imported)(图7)Mingtai head frame (imported)(图8)
The width of the base can be adjusted, and can be used with a variety of operating bed, and has an insulation pad, to ensure insulation with surgical bed ; its fixed handle with exclusive patented dual cam fixed technology, single handle double lock to ensure a firm. (The base use dual handle double cam dynamic security lock fixed, four-lock, you can adjust the space in any direction fixed position, fixed more flexible and convenient)
Mingtai head frame (imported)(图9)
Use inner swallow tail groove design, so that snake arm installed firmly, to avoid accidents caused by slip. - brain retraction system (head ring) ring design, composed of two semicircle, 0 ~ 180 ° adjustable, can achieve all-round 360 ° continuous stretch to meet the needs of various surgical position.