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MT2200 intelligent model eccentric column model hydraulic op

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MT2200 intelligent model eccentric column model hydraulic op(图1)

As the high-end multifunction general electric operating table, MT2200 eccentric column model use the most advanced design and production technology on the basis of traditional design. It equips with Germany hydraulic system which makes it to be the classic of ultrathin. Abundant positions and much more space support more equipments work, such as C arm. This operating table fit for professional orthopedic and neurosurgery, compat with thoracic and abdominal surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, gynecology surgery, urology surgery etc

Electric hydraulic drive system: adopting world famous brand hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, high pressure oil press line, low noise, working smoothly. The hydraulic system control the height adjustment, forward/backward tilt, lateral tilt and back rest, easy to operate. Those motion’s speed can be adjusted making patients feel comfortable. Horizontal oscillating quantity, vertical oscillating quantity and lateral oscillating quantity of level are better than industrial standard. Head board and leg board is manual operation, assist work with air booster system, easy to operate.


MT2200 intelligent model eccentric column model hydraulic op(图2)