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MT2000 anorectal electric hydraulic operating table

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MT2000 anorectal electric hydraulic operating table(图1)
This operating table is suitable for anorectal surgery and examination for hospital anorectal surgery room, different positions can be achieved by adjusting angle and other functions, and it also suitable for other surgery and medical care, manual built in waist bridge to meet abdominal surgery and other surgery.

1. The operating bed adopts Danish imported electric motor to adjust various angles and movements, with low noise, stable performance, convenient operation, safe and reliable, and complete functions.
2. The bed body is made of SUS#304 stainless steel imported from Korea, and the whole bed body, cover and accessories of the surgical bed are made of high quality nickel-chrome stainless alloy steel, which can be guaranteed for more than 15 years without rusting, fully satisfying the sterilization of the bed table after surgery.
3. "T"-shaped stainless steel base design: Elegant shape, provides excellent impact resistance and stability, easy to clean and disinfect. The C-arm X-ray machine is designed to provide the best possible coverage of the whole body.
4. The table is divided into three movable segments, the head segment, the back segment and the hip segment, with full consideration of the physiological curvature of the patient, to meet the needs of uro-analgology surgery.

5. Patent-protected key lifting column part: the load bearing has four times the safety factor, using square column, eight fixed locking members, double square frame type movable joint, to ensure the column bearing stability.
6. Patent protected brake system: the brake is located at the head of the bed, the "T" shape structure, the foot brake, once locked, the bed table will not change position, four-point drop mode to ensure that the bed table is stable and safe during surgery
7. The control mode adopts hand-held wire controller to make the operation easier, and the product structure is reasonable, safe, reliable, and beautiful appearance lines, which is the perfect reflection of today's medical technology.

8. The high-capacity infusion basin can accommodate the large amount of saline and sewage that is returned from the patient during lumaroscopic surgery.
9. Mattress: using memory foam mattress, thickness up to 70mm, effectively relieve the pressure point of patients, prevent post-operative bedsores; mattress material meets safety standards, surface antibacterial, easy to clean, in line with operating room disinfection requirements.