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MT2000 cosmetic electric hydraulic operating table

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MT2000 cosmetic electric hydraulic operating table(图1)
Product Features
MT2000 electric operating table is a high-grade aesthetic plastic surgery bed, which is a leading product in China.
1. The full set of control systems are made of domestic high-quality brand components, low noise, high safety and reliability.
2. Widen the table width to fit current clinical needs. The countertop is divided into four movable sections, the head plate, back plate, hip plate and leg plate.
3. The table is equipped with shoulder and back plate composite bending buttons, providing convenience for biliary and renal surgery. The head plate and leg plate are manually operated and can be exchanged for each other.
4. The leg plate can be folded, and the outreach can be removed. It is very convenient to adjust and very convenient for urinary surgery.
5. The base of the operating table has a fixed or mobile function, flexible movement, reliable fixation, with various functional accessories to suit the needs of different operations.
6. The whole machine is designed to meet the national safety standards for medical appliances, with various functional accessories to suit the needs of different surgeries.
7. The operating table has excellent performance, complete functions, beautiful shape and easy to operate. The mattress is made of premium PY foam material and is anti-static.
Complete accessories: 1 pair of shoulder brace, 1 pair of waist brace, 1 pair of arm brace, 1 pair of leg brace, 1 pair of screen brace, 1 hand controller.