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Field manual operating table

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Field manual operating table(图1)
1. This operating table is designed in accordance with ergonomic principles and is manually driven, with safe and stable performance and high safety and reliability.
2. The multifunctional operating table is used for comprehensive operations in thoracic, abdominal surgery, ophthalmology and ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, urology and orthopedics. The operating table is controlled by hand cranks up and down, tilting left and right, and turning back.
3. The bed is made of high-quality stainless steel outer cover, the surface is polished, impact resistance, scratch prevention, abrasion resistance, disinfection resistance, easy cleaning, and fully meet the disinfection requirements after surgery.
4. Stainless steel base design, elegant shape, excellent impact resistance and stability, easy to clean and disinfect; thin design.
5. Two-point fixed brake.
6. Technical:
Table length and width: 1950mm×480mm
The highest and lowest height of the table: 1100×750mm
The maximum angle: forward ≥25°, backward ≥25°, left tilt ≥ 22 °, right tilt ≥ 22 °
The maximum angle of the back panel: Fold up ≥ 70°, Fold down ≥ 10°
Fold down the foot board: ≥90°