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MT2000 intelligent model electro operation table

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MT2000 intelligent model electro operation table(图1)

Square lifting column with patent design is made by Germany, which has 4 times safety factor and 8 fasteners which can make it stable

Critical braking system with patent design: Four-point locking function, once locked,  the operating table position will not change, table without shaking and moving phenomenon, to ensure table keeping stable and safe in operation.

Leg board can be replication, outreach and removable, convenient for adjusting and urinary surgery.

Memory sponge mattress which can prevent acne + use high grade material, effectively relieve patients pressure point, prevent postoperative bedsore occurred; mattress material is conformed with the safety standard, the surface is antibacterial, easy to clean, meeting the operating room disinfection requirements.

MT2000 intelligent model electro operation table(图2)