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Mingtai Ultraviolet Plasma Mobile Air Sterilizer

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Mingtai Ultraviolet Plasma Mobile Air Sterilizer(图1)
Working principle - The average killing rate of staphylococcus albicans is 99.93%, which is safe and secure.
First, the air in the room is passed through the primary and medium-efficiency filters by the circulating fan to filter out large particles such as hair and dust. Then the air reaches the plasma electric field ionization sterilization zone and is ionized by the strong electric field to generate plasma. Active particles such as high-energy electrons and free radicals rich in plasma can effectively kill harmful substances in the air, and then electrostatically adsorb fine dust. Finally, the harmful substances in the air are adsorbed and degraded through the cold catalyst filter. Through multiple cycles of treatment, disinfection and purification are achieved, and the indoor air becomes clean and fresh air.
Mingtai Ultraviolet Plasma Mobile Air Sterilizer(图2)
Human and machine are in the same place, clean the environment, safe and secure
1. Ultraviolet plasma disinfection mode, through the circulating air device, the indoor air is circulated to the inside of the machine for multiple irradiation and circulation.
2. The air disinfection machine can effectively clean the air in the operating room, remove particles and dust in the air, kill microorganisms, bacteria, and decompose harmful gases.
3. Professional upgrades for susceptible groups and maternal and infant groups, it effectively filters the smog PM2.5, as well as the smaller particles, bacteria and microorganisms, which have smaller particle size and easy to cause respiratory infections, to protect family members from the haze.