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Mingtai MTKT-G120 (mobile) air sterilize

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Mingtai MTKT-G120 (mobile) air sterilize(图1)
Product synopsis
Dynamic-type air sterilizer using ultraviolet sterilization cycle theory, the unique design of cavity disinfection, a truly dynamic environment in one continuous disinfection.
Disinfection system uses a built-in air filtration technology in the laminar flow clean physical filtration methods to remove dust and bacteria in the air.
Scientific use of the ultraviolet disinfection technology at close range, effectively kill airborne bacteria, viruses, effectively eliminate the sources of pollution, to prevent the spread
of disease, improve air quality, protect health care workers and patients health.
Medical units in public places
Pharmaceutical companies
Food processing enterprises
Health products manufacturers
Family, etc.
It was the case in continuous disinfection;
Long life, high intensity UV disinfection;
Early effect, high filtration filters, the air volume, long life;
Electrostatic adsorption of dust, sterilization;
Photocatalyst (TiO2) addition of activated carbon odor antibacterial
Negative ion air cleaner air,
Wind speed (high, medium, low) adjustable, wind direction and more to the cycle;
Microcomputer programmed to run automatically
UV-fault auto records,
Automatically records hours of work;
Infrared remote control, touch-button;