Mingtai MTK-808 Luxurious Style Dental Chair

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Mingtai MTK-808 Luxurious Style Dental Chair(图1)
Product Feature
Close to the Patient Freely
Ergonomics chair back design, can make doctors freely close to patients, environmental protection leather cushions to make patients more comfortable.
Full Solid Steel Plate, Cast Aluminum Base Plate
The design of cast aluminum structure is used to reduce the weight of the whole machine while ensuring rigidity. Wide bending plate to ensure the stability of the back of the chair; Comfortable handrails, more suitable for modern clinic style and trend; Cast aluminum base plate with six-point positioning, better stability
Solid Structure Connected to the Side Box of the Chair Frame
Side box connector panel sits at the center point of the device, structure of the equipment is more reasonable. The stability of the equipment in operation is greatly improved.
Mingtai MTK-808 Luxurious Style Dental Chair(图2)
Unprecedented Experience
Luxurious style Oral comprehensive dental chair is a medical device with the theme of "luxury therapy" created by the medical department's oral clinicians. Designed to take full account of the comfort of patient visits and the convenience of doctors. The use of ergonomic principles, micro-computer control system, molded production process, is a good selection of materials, excellent performance, easy to operate, fashionable oral equipment.
Product Advantage
Dental chair interlock, safety emergency stops, water and air power one-click switch, water and gas separation structure, first aid chair position, resistance protection.
Spittoon detachable disinfection, strong and weak suction detachable disinfection, handpiece disinfection, intelligent spittoon disinfection.
All-metal induction device disk, Taiwan low noise motor, imported handpiece tube. Hydrolyzed anti-aging polyether tube, American diaphragm, stainless steel corrugated foot tube.
Mingtai MTK-808 Luxurious Style Dental Chair(图3)
Mingtai MTK-808 Luxurious Style Dental Chair(图4)