Mingtai MTSL-8100 Dental Unit(Machinery)

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Mingtai MTSL-8100 Dental Unit(Machinery)(图1)
1. ergonomic design and hair can not be pulled makes patients more comfortable.
2. Large size of cushion and backrest cushion suitable for obese shape.
3. low position of  cuspidor and cushion convenient for children spitting and gurgelning
4. Dental stool hold mode automatically when handpieces are at work, ensure the safe operation
5. Standard accessories:
3-way syrings                                      2pcs      
lamp with column                                1set      
220V X-film viewer                              1set
Clean water system                             1set      
Automatic warm & rinsing system     1set
Motor driven dental chair                   1set      
Doctor's stool                                      1pcs      
Saliva elector and suctlong elector    1set
6. Option:
12V X-film viewer                                1set
Whole shining panorama viewer        1set
Built-in ultrasonic scaler                     1set
Built-in curing light                              1set
Improted from Japan NSk high-speed
handpiece(4holes)                               2set
Imported from Japan NSk low-speed 
handpiece(4 holes)                              1set