Mingtai MTZA-208Q8 Dental Unit

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Mingtai MTZA-208Q8 Dental Unit(图1)
Efficient Four Hand Operation
Big assistant tray (with stainless steel tray), flexible rotation, assistant has a wide operating space.
Low mounted instrument tray (Optional)
Stainless steel tray with anti-skid silicone pad design, stainless steel tray is more convenient to clean after surgery.
Side box
Floor type box can make the chair run more smoothly, more flexible to meet the needs of different heights of treatment positions, with three joint assistant rod to meet the use habits of different working positions, assistant positions.
Purified water system
Big hidden water bottle, clean, sanitary, quick disassembly shell is convenient to fill pure water.
Mingtai MTZA-208Q8 Dental Unit(图2)