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Surgical Video Teaching I

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Advanced computer technology, full HD video technology, network communication technology, medical image data transmission technology organic combined, online real-time editing and video recording and webcast for surgical and medical devices, and transfer patient`s information through hospital existing information system, achieving expert online consultation, observe teaching, surgical data archiving, history surgery playback functions, becoming an new diagnostic mode between medical experts and patients
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System dock minimally invasive surgical equipment, based on high - definition video real - time storage and transmission standards, using HD decoding and multimedia centralized control technology, AV device management control module and operating room general medical equipment control module are centralized control managed by video signal form. Hardware decoding can be used, computer network as a transmission medium, seamless sync connect operating room, diagnostic room, check room and tech and watch terminal, meet those requirements of audio and video real-time synchronization, high-definition, high fidelity for surgical live and teach.


●Real-time surgery teaching

Surgery process can be live broadcasted to classroom, surgical observation and surgery site can have real-time voice call

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●Surgical image management

Store archives important surgical video data, support manual / automatic backup management, providing fast and accurate video data retrieval services

Surgical Video Teaching I(图3)

●Surgical recording, on-demand

Full HD recording operation video, LAN departments and public network users can perform video on demand, on-demand service has permission settings, you can watch it after certified.

Surgical Video Teaching I(图4)

●Remote consultation

Achieving remote consultation by internet, different places doctors can diagnose patient at the same time

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●Intraoperative conversation

Meeting patient`s family requirement of watch the procedure and remote visit, surgical images and surgical information can be told to patient family in the form of multimedia

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