Digital OR/ICU

Surgical Video Teaching III

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Technical characteristics


●Full record, synchronous storage, synchronous playback

One operating room support max 6 way visual signals synchronous combination of recording and broadcasting, can meet the medical image signal complete record requirement under the complex surgery, diagnosis and treatment environment
Surgical Video Teaching III(图1)

●Flexible teaching and observing receive display mode, convenient for different teaching and observing place choosing it

Decoder (hardware), multiple signal independent playback system (hardware), PC (software player mode), user can choose them flexibly according to teaching and observing place function and usage
Surgical Video Teaching III(图2)

●HD video recording

Video clarity use advanced H.264 algorithm, support 720p 50 / 60Hz, 1080i 50 / 60Hz, 1080p 25/30/50 / 60Hz, down support CIF/4CIF/480i/576i
Surgical Video Teaching III(图3)

●Seamless integrated with hospital original information system (OA/E-Learning /HIS/PACS/EMR etc)

System use B/S and C/S structure, mixed development, seamless integrated with hospital original information system, convenient for doctor observing and learning any time and place

Interface rich, support variety of professional medical imaging equipment signal acquisition

Surgical Video Teaching III(图4)
●Support composite video, component, VGA.DVI-i.HDMI.SDI/HD-SDI and other signal interface, can meet panorama camera, surgery field camera, endoscopy, monitor etc live video requirement and variety of medical imaging equipment signal synchronous collection, record and transmission requirement
Surgical Video Teaching III(图5)

●Distributed architecture, modular layout, can meet system extend requirement

Terminal can be combined according to operating room type and quantity, background function module can be configured according to system scale and management needs