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Hospital internet of things application II

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●Operating room access control

Operating room is hospital special department, is the focus monitoring, has very strict access requirement for people and items. RFID technology and internet of things application can control the operating room access authorization

●Video intercom   operating room indoor and outdoor visual call

●Fingerprint attendance   medical staff attendance record

●RFID access control    RFID authorization access
Hospital internet of things application II(图1)

●Personnel positioning/ Overrun warning

Distributing RFID mark to person who will enter operating room, and by RFID recorder in operating room, you can accurately position and track those person, and operating room person number can be limited, preventing hospital infection

●Visit registration    outside visitor registration, distributing RFID mark

●Positioning tracking   auto identify person position and action route

●Overrun warning    operating room person number overrun warning, preventing hospital infection


●Equipment positioning / inspection / security



There are many expensive equipments in operating room, such as monitor, ventilator, analgesic pump, endoscopy etc, it is hard for equipment management, by using PDA terminal + RFID label, equipment positioning, inspection and security can be achieved
Hospital internet of things application II(图2)

●Equipment positioning   support positioning and tracking for mobile equipment

●Equipment inspection    support regular inspection for fixed equipment

●Equipment security        support alarm function when equipment left specific area
Hospital internet of things application II(图3)