Digital OR/ICU

Internet of things application I

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●Surgical process tracking

Surgical process tracking means tracking and managing patient`s whole surgery procedures which stated from surgical appointment application, preoperative preparation, intraoperative operation, postoperative recovery, then back to ward. RFID recording key point time and status can make process transparency. Analysis bottleneck, improve medical operation process, effectively improve the operating room efficiency, shorten relevant steps` working time, at the same time patient will be identified and confirmed, guarantee patient`s safety
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●Patient identification

Compared patient`s RFID mark with information system, identify patient`s identity and surgery part quickly and accurately, achieving surgery security check and record, guarantee patient`s safety.


●Process state automatic recording

Patient`s position and state can be automatic Identified by fixed or mobile RFID reader, information automatic recording, real-time accurate


●Surgery status announcement

Docking with prepare room, surgery room, recovery room and family waiting area information announcement system, live broadcast surgery status, improving medical staff`s working efficiency and patient family medical experience


●Surgical procedures and efficiency analysis

Powerful Surgical procedures and efficiency analysis tool, finding the process bottlenecks, offering policy support for manager improve and optimize process