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Clinical information application

TIME:30-04-2020    HITS:

Clinical information application against the new clinical information system topic which brought by perioperative period medical development and digital operating room construction, breaking the limitation of that can`t meeting the perioperative period clinical information system unilaterally, which was founded according to independent science, integrated and sort out hospital clinical information system, set up the clinical information application platform which as the patient as the center
Clinical information application(图1)

This system treat the digital operating room as the center, perioperative period as the main line, integrate related clinical information system resources (HIS, EMR, LIS, PACS, RIS, UIS, Pathology etc), collect medical equipments information (anesthesia machine, ventilator, monitor, infusion pump, etc), specification perioperative period work process, improve medical services quality.


This system involves perioperative period whole process, from preoperative preparation to postoperative recovery, patient-centered, serviced for surgeon, anesthesiologist and operating room nurse. Perioperative period integrated management can be achieved by building several subsystem application and integrate information platform