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OR onecare solution

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Mingtai digital integrated OR is combined purification project with digital information. Patient`s all information will be system integrated by the best way, let the surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical nurse can get all the patient`s information, more image support, precise surgical navigation, smooth outside information communication, offering much more precise, safety and efficient operation working environment, it also offer an reliable way for surgical observation, surgical teaching, distance teaching and remote consultation, thus create OR high success rate, high efficiency, high security, and improving OR out exchange.
OR onecare solution(图1)
OR onecare solution(图2)

Digital integrated OR can meet hospital`s below requirement:


1. Live sharing surgical video and medical imaging data, full HD surgery live, achieving distance learning and remote consultation

2. Surgery peripheral information access comprehensive integrated (DSA, endoscopy, ultrasound, intraoperative images, etc.), any routing switch

3. Centralized control OR equipments (environment, video, audio, medical equipment, etc.), touch integration operation

4. Information exchanged during surgical, improve work efficiency, improve the relationship between doctors and patients, improve the medical experience

5. Internet of things applications, staff and equipment positioning tracking, surgical procedures real-time monitoring

6. Perioperative overall clinical information solution, integration HIS, LIS, PACS, information interconnection

7. Building anesthesia expert consultation and early warning system, improving anesthesia quality, reducing anesthesia accidents. Digital and purification project overall design, integrated construction, achieving OR efficient and intelligence, flexible expansion, plug and play

8. OR BI analysis and decision support


Service object

Hospital Manager, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Operating Room Nurse, Patient and Family, Education / Intern Doctor, Support staff