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Centralized control system

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Centralized control system focus on information integration, one touch control screen can control operating room light, surgery field camera, endoscopic equipment, anesthesia machine, curtain and other all most operating room equipments, it can be easily operated in sterile area. Parameter settings, parameter memory can be done by it, interface simple, clear and easy to operate. Centralized control save much surgery preparation time, improving operating room use rate. This system integrate voice control system with minimally invasive surgical equipment, surrounding equipments also are control managed; System can coordination manage surgical images, patient vital signs, CNC X - ray photography, diagnosis, telemedicine and patient medical record, providing solid foundation for surgery proceeded smoothly.
Centralized control system(图1)
Centralized control system(图2)

This system consists of environmental control module, equipment control module, recording control module and audio control module. It has below functions: environmental temperature and humidity control, electromagnetic strength control, medical gas control, operating room equipment control, operating room real - time HD video, audio recording and transmission control, background music control, display output control, providing comprehensive environmental parameter information for surgeon during surgery, it also can support better Centralized management for operating room and surgeon physician, at the same time medical equipment which used during surgery will be better managed.



●Equipment control

Automatic detection operating room laminar flow system function status, real time monitoring operating room air cleanliness, temperature, humidity and gas. Lighting, medical gas control, temperature control, purify and other equipments` control are integrated in one user interface.

Monitor any circuit lighting source to see whether damaged or line fault, in order to maintain and exchange in time.

Display and limit operating room temperature hi-low, reducing energy consumption
Centralized control system(图3)

●Environmental control

Operating light, operating table, electric knife and other medical equipments can be controlled by touch screen.

Recording can be done, convenient for management
Centralized control system(图4)


●Recording control

Surgical teaching and remote consultation`s requirement about recording control can be met by control panorama camera and surgery filed camera lens direction, zoom and aperture, and by control medical equipment video source

By preset camera, one key recording control can be achieved

By video matrix device, multiple input video source can be transferred to multiple display devices
Centralized control system(图5)


●Audio control

Audio and video signals digitized, no delay synchronous transmission

Multi-party voice real - time interactive communication, communication is accessible

High fidelity background music play, ease doctor surgery pressure, improve surgery efficiency
Centralized control system(图6)