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Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system

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System construction goals and functions


1. Real-time remote surgery teaching

Surgery teaching is the necessary means for hospital clinical teaching. But in order to improve the surgery quality and reduce the surgical infection rate, hospital have strictly control about person quantity entering into operation room, which reduced interns observing opportunity, bad for improving interns learning quality. Observing surgery process outside through large screen, real-time teaching by video monitoring relay teaching system, which out of the traditional teaching mode restrictions in time, space and the number, while improving the security system of the showroom system.
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图1)

2. Surgical recordings and inquiries

Whole recording surgical process, high-quality long storage for future teaching. These video data as a scientific judgments basis for some controversial surgeries. It also can improve doctor's surgical level when academic researching those image data after surgery.
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图2)

3. Surgery scene shoot instantly

Recording the key actions in the surgery process by shooting method, save as JPG format, can be analyzed further after transfer, learners can download these images and learn them.
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图3)

4. Expert remote consultation

Expert can diagnose and carry out surgical guidance with scene doctor when they watching HD image in meeting room, don't need to enter into operation room. When the surgery is more complex, surgery seminar can be composed through teaching terminal with internet, timely resolution surgical problems.


In addition, the system allows you to set the scene image viewing position in advance, you can change the viewing point quickly during the learning process, you also can use the wireless network to set up teaching points temporarily in emergency situations or major operations without re-wiring.



System structure

Surgical video monitoring relay teaching system is divided into 4 subsystem from the structure: operation room subsystem, surgical teaching subsystem, switching control center subsystem, network subsystem, the overall system structure as follows:

Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图4)

Operation room subsystem

Operation room subsystem is digital image acquisition and coding system, every operation room has 2 channel video, collecting image by surgery field camera, panoramic surveillance camera, using omnipotent microphone real-time transfer surgeon physician`s voice and whole operation room`s voice to teaching side by internet, complete the teaching process.
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图5)

Surgical teaching subsystem

Surgical teaching part includes teaching terminal, voice microphone and display system, multi-person collective teaching is ok. Teaching terminal has two-way audio and video codec capability, encoding those on-site collected audio and video analog signal, decoding digital audio and video data received from internet, reducing analog video signal output to the projector, large-screen TV or other display devices. Voice microphone is used to reproduce the live voice environment and communicate with the clinic doctor.
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图6)

Switching control center subsystem

Switching control center equipments include monitoring scheduling server, streaming media forwarding server, video server. Monitoring scheduling server is the key equipment for switching control center, it main function is complete the user authentication, perform a terminal address solution, business function logic scheduling control and user level and privilege settings management. Streaming media forwarding server main function is video forwarding, agreement translation, achieving application layer multicast, improving the efficiency of response access. Video server main function is record multi-channel remote monitoring images and sound, query retrieve playback any time.


Network subsystem

Network subsystem is the whole learning system`s bub, all the video, voice and data can be transferred end to end by network, generally using original network is ok  


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Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图7)
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图8)
Surgery remote teaching medical teaching system(图9)