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HD Surgery Teach Recording And Broadcasting System

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System introduction

With the medical technology and surgical technology development, and computer information application, normal operation room can`t meet surgeon`s need. How to integrate operating room original equipments with hospital information is the important topic for modern operation room.

HD Surgery Teach Recording And Broadcasting System(图1)

System feature

1. Hospital video system integrated management

This system can integrated manage all the hospital related video system, building new system and integrating original monitoring system, achieving centralized management for video conferencing, video surveillance, surgical teaching, remote diagnosis, distance learning and other video applications.

2. Standard HD video images

Video compression resolution can be 4CIF/D1 format (NTSC:720*480,PAL:720*576), second channel stream resolution can be UXGA (1600*1200)

3. Multiple video source access

System support multiple video source access, including various medical imaging system video sources (X-ray machines, endoscopes etc), various camera, such as operation room dedicated medical HD camera, meeting room dedicated camera (SONY, D100P, D70P etc), integrated monitor HD camera.

4. Hospital monitoring system access

System support hospital various monitoring system access, accessing hospital original monitoring system, achieving monitoring corridor, ward, clinic and other place.

5. Multi - teaching interaction

Function Room, classroom and telemedicine can do multi-party video interaction by this system, and watching operation room real scene at the same time, teaching discussion, training and teaching has strong relevance

6. Various application requirements

This system can meet hospital various application requirements, including telemedicine diagnosis, telemedicine consultation, telemedicine teaching, remote ward monitoring, etc.

7. Double stream transmission

This system can use double stream transmission in different applications, for example telemedicine teaching, when the first channel video images are transferred to one classroom, the second channel data flow (PC screen) are transferred to other classroom or telemedicine at the same time, it looks like sitting in the same classroom for learners.

8. Medical record transmission

Patient`s medical record can be transferred by this system, convenient for expert diagnosis

9. Static picture transmission

Patient`s CT, X-ray film and other image electronic picture can be share transferred by this system, convenient using

10. PACS access

This system can access hospital original PACS system, for example, laparoscopy can be accessed as the video source, then classroom can what laparoscopic surgery real details.

HD Surgery Teach Recording And Broadcasting System(图2)

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