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Mingtai 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-03

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Mingtai 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-03(图1)
Function Features of ECG Machine
1. Modern in design, light in weight, compact in size.
2. Simultaneously acquisition of 12 lead, full screen display of 12 channel ECG waveforms.
3. 5.6'' color touch screen, both push-button and touch operation. 4.3¡± color touch screen can be choose.
4. Sensitive filters of ADS, HUM, and EMG.
5. Automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, waveform freezing. Auto-analyze and auto-diagnostic can reduce doctor‘s burden and improve working efficiency.
6. Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording.
7. Thermal printer with 80mm print paper, synchronization print
8. Lead off & lack off paper detection function.
9. Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery (11.1V/4000mAh), AC/DC power conversion. 
10. Adapt to 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply
11. Historical data and patient¡¯s information can be reviewed and printed. 
12. Support USB flash disk & SD memory, stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC via ECG playback software.
13. The machine can store over 400 ECG reports in its built-in flash. 
14. Standard RS232 and USB communication interfaces.
15. Connect with PC via ECG workstation software.
16. Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life
17. The device can record real time clear and exact 12 channel ECG waveform and remark continually. The remark includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc.
Mingtai 3 Channel Electrocardiograph ECG-03(图2)