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Mingtai MTBYZ-810 Series Syringe Pump

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Mingtai MTBYZ-810 Series Syringe Pump(图1)
Easy operation
●Brand new appearance provide better experience
●Clearly LCD and digital tube dual display
●Simple rate mode with one key star, easy to operate
Precision safer
●Three occlusion level for option
●Intelligent recognition of the 10ml. 20ml. 30ml. 50ml(60ml) syringe, can work with any brand syringe after calibration
Intelligent & safe
●low noise and less vibration are supported by application of motor
driver IC imported from German and motor imported from Japan.
●Unique voice, word and light combination alarms, very faster and reliable
●Can be stackable to save space
Mingtai MTBYZ-810 Series Syringe Pump(图2)