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Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor

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Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor(图1)
This sucking device shall be used in the operating room in hospital for sucking the pus, blood, sputum and other phlegms inside the body cavity of patient, it can also be used for induced abortion.
1. It adopts a highly efficient plunger pump that is dispense with lubrication and has a long useful life
2. The suction pump is uni-directional without generating positive pressure, it is designed to have an excess flow protection device to prevent the liquid from entering into the suction pump
3. The hand switch and foot switch are connected with each other in a parallel manner, they can be chosen and used at one' s will, and the foot switch is for low-pressure control in order to ensure
Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor(图2)Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor(图3)Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor(图4)Mingtai MTKD-3090A Electric Attractor(图5)