Sixth Generation Pendant

L3300 mechanical single arm surgical pendant

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L3300 mechanical single arm surgical pendant(图1)
Marcomed medical pendant & medical bridge pendant advantage:
1. With the development of the laminar flow operating room, the medical pendant has become an indispensable auxiliary treatment equipment in the modern operating room, and is widely used in the carrying and movement of clinical medical equipment (anaesthetics, ECG monitors, high-frequency electrosurgical units, etc.). At the same time, it is also a medical system workstation integrating medical gas, strong and weak power supply, network, video, and digital transmission.
2. With the development of the construction of the IC, bridge nursing units have been widely used in the comprehensive ICU and specialized ICU wards of hospitals. The medical bridge pendant has five unique functional areas: lighting section, breathing monitoring section, nursing section, digital information section, and liquid medicine pump frame section. The medical bridge pendant is characterized by providing necessary medical gas interfaces, strong and weak electrical interfaces, and carrying equipment. It is a necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment in modern intensive care units.