Fifth Generation Pendant

Mingtai—W7 Endoscope Medical Pendant

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Mingtai—W7 Endoscope Medical Pendant(图1)
Performance advantage
As a modular installation and supply equipment, the endoscope medical pendant provides a platform for creating the most perfect working environment in the operating room. Its maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 270kg and is suitable for endoscopy rooms and other departments.
The endoscope medical pendant can be moved flexibly, the accessory structure is open, and the ergonomic and beautiful design is suitable for medical requirements for diagnosis and treatment.
The combined arrangement design of the endoscope medical pendant provides the medical staff with a large working range, which can better meet the work needs.
Medical gas, air, power sockets, and data terminals are arranged in an orderly manner, which fully meets the practicality of operation in the workstation. External independent suspension arm system, flexible display operation, convenient for clinical use.