Fifth Generation Pendant

Mingtai—W2 Combined Medical Pendant

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Mingtai—W2 Combined Medical Pendant(图1)
The ICU combination medical pendant is a necessary medical gas platform and important auxiliary equipment for modern ICU and emergency rescue rooms. It is suitable for use in hospital ICU and outpatient rescue rooms.
The main column, rotating cross arm, instrument terminal box, etc., adopt dry and wet separation, gas and electricity separation, strong and weak electricity separation technologies.
Equipped with pneumatic brakes, it can easily lock and move the position according to the needs of use, which is convenient for use and operation.
All kinds of medical gases, negative pressure suction, strong and weak current output and grounding are complete. The infusion pump frame can be adjusted in lifting and rotating. The instrument platform can be placed freely. The combination of single and double arms is arbitrary. It is an indispensable ICU equipment in hospitals.