High-end surgical docking stretcher ZZ7 (standard)

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High-end surgical docking stretcher ZZ7 (standard)(图1)
1. The movable bed frame adopts 230x40x1.5mm rectangular steel pipe
2. The bed surface is a combination of two folds and two pieces, one-time blow molding of engineering plastic
3. 1 drip holder socket at the head and foot of the bed, and four drainage bag hooks are also equipped;
4. Stainless steel two-stage four-jaw drip holder, 19mm in diameter, strong and durable;
5. Two-piece engineering plastic guardrail, damping spring can be retracted and released freely.
6. The docking stretcher is divided into an inner car and an outer car to prevent cross infection.
7. Injection molding ABS engineering plastic bottom cover. It is easier to clean and hygienic.
8. The docking stretcher track is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which is more stable and reliable in the docking movement of the movable bed
9. The inner and outer stretcher can be adjusted up and down, and can be operated by one person.
10. There is an automatic locking device when the inner car and the outer stretcher are docked.
11. There is an automatic locking device when the movable bed slides to the inner stretcher or the outer stretcher to ensure safety
12. Braking system: internal and external docking stretchers, using 6-inch central control casters, one-leg central control brake, one-foot brake and four-wheel positioning.
13. The design of the middle guide wheel enables flexible transfer and reduces the work intensity of medical staff.
14. Adopt free assembly line spraying equipment, the Dutch Aksu antibacterial powder spraying process;
15. Welding process: Welding by imported robot welder ensures safety and reliability.