Surgical docking stretcher ZZ6 (304 stainless steel)

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Surgical docking stretcher ZZ6 (304 stainless steel)(图1)
The whole stretcher adopts SUS304 stainless steel pipe and stainless steel plate for cutting, pressing, bending, welding, assembling and forming
1. The underframe of the vehicle adopts ≥60x 30x1.5mm rectangular steel pipe,
2. The stretcher surface is a combination of two folds and two pieces, the backboard length: 70cm, the leg length: 109cm, the stretcher surface width: 50cm;
3. There is a drip holder socket on each side of the bed head, the hole diameter is 20mm, and it is locked by screws without swing, which is strong and durable;
4. Stainless steel two-stage four-jaw drip holder, 19mm in diameter, strong and durable;
5. Guardrails: 22*1.5 thick stainless steel round pipes are bent and formed, and the upper and lower cross-bar structure flip-up lifting design is adopted. The size of the guardrail is: 90*20cm
6 The docking stretcher is divided into an inner stretcher and an outer stretcher to prevent cross infection.
7. Lifting system: single rocker lifting system is adopted, no sinking of long-term load.
8. The docking stretcher track is welded by 304 stainless steel pipe with a thickness of 1.5mm and a height of 8cm
9. The inner and outer stretcher can be adjusted up and down, which can make the stretcher surface slide smoothly and can be operated by one person.
10. When the inner stretcher and the outer stretcher are docked, the wheels can be locked.
11. Braking system: internal and external docking stretcher, using 15cm central control casters, one-leg central control brake, one-foot brake and four-wheel positioning.
12. Surface treatment: The welding seam should be uniform and firm, free of defects such as burnt damage, cold cracking, and missing welding, and the welding parts should be polished smoothly and evenly polished.