Transfer stretcher Z1 (normal)

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Transfer stretcher Z1 (normal)(图1)
1. The steel body of the stretcher body is sprayed with plastic, and the bed board is made of PP resin material--secondary injection molding, two-stage bed board
2. Two-piece PP guardrail, the guardrail is made of PP engineering plastic by one-time injection molding, the PP resin guardrail has a groove for the drainage tube to pass through, and there are hooks on both sides of the bed.
3. The back can be lifted and lowered by air rod control, and the position of the bed board can be adjusted: the back board is 0-75 degrees.
4. Universal wheel: Φ15cm central control silent caster, central control brake, easy to brake and stable;
5. Equipped with sus304 stainless steel lifting infusion stand;
6. Maximum load: 250kg, with mattress, zipper around the bed cover, the bed cover can be removed and cleaned. (The outer layer is waterproof fine canvas, the inner layer is 2cm sponge)
7. The stretcher adopts the international advanced central control brake system, which is stable and reliable. The stretcher surface is a split structure, and the upper body uses a steam spring as a supporting force source, which is easy and convenient to operate.